The Crsyatllite Customer Support Team

Our friendly, industry certified, customer care staff is on call to help you 24 x 7 x 365 in a variety of ways,
and a variety of channels; you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we’ll handle any issues you encounter
quickly and efficiently.
Our support model uses a “severity based” approach; we’ll grade problems and respond to them according to the severity and impact on our customers’ business with our customer uptime being the number one priority. Service outages of any type always receive top priority, followed by service-degrading factors. We strive to always give every customer the best support possible for the corresponding situation.
We cannot help with application and operating system level issues on unmanaged servers but our support team is here to offer general assistance, and assistance with infrastructure and account issues when you need it.

Scope of Support

One size does not fit all, and as such, Crystallite offers multiple levels of support for our customers. So that you can clearly understand what Crystallite provides for support with your services. But do not fear, if you need additional support, we are here for you.

Advanced Support

In the event you need our assistance with something not included with your services, you can contract
our Advanced Support team to help you. For the rate of $100 per hour, we will help you trouble shoot
issues, do server management, migrate data, or do almost any system administration you may require.

To access our team, email @ to open ticket, or engage in real-time conversation through Crysatllite Support Desk

Accessing Technical Resources

We make it easy to access technical resources to suit your needs, in the channel that you prefer.


For any support issue you need our assistance with, opening a ticket is easy and is the best first step as
we require tickets for all issues. To open a new ticket or to view or respond to an existing ticket, simply
Send email ay When you create a ticket, we ask that you be as detailed as possible so that we can go right to work on diagnosing and solving your issue.

Please note we will send you an e-mail letting you know we have responded to your ticket, but to keep your account secure, you must check your mail box to read our responses or to reply to the ticket. We understand this is not always the most convenient way but it is the most secure.


If you are just the type of person who wants to hear a friendly voice when you are having an issue, do
not hesitate to pick up the phone and call you us. We answer the phone 24x7x365 and generally have one of the shortest phone waits in the entire service industry. Please make sure you know your Client ID
and passphrase when you call or we will be unable to assist you. Also, please note that we generally
cannot keep you on the line longer than it takes us to understand your issue and create a ticket for you.
Once you explain your issue and we get a ticket open, we will communicate back to you through that
ticket. This is important so that we have complete documentation on your account.


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