Crystal Cloud

In search of flexibility and scalability? why not choose Crystal Cloud. Using Resources from enterprise-grade hardware, you will benefit from a secure virtual environment, dedicated to your business.

Crystal Cloud

Seamless integration with instantly scalable RAM, CPU, and storage. Crystal Cloud is a perfect Solution for small websites, applications, and testing.

  • Elastic platform – scale RAM, CPU, and storage instantly, whenever required.
  • Fast Implementation – deploy in seconds.
  • Cost-efficient – Eradicate the need to buy physical hardware by configuring as many resources as you may want.
  • Highly reliable – built- n redundancy & 100% network uptime guarantee.
  • Secure – housed in our wholly-owned US data centers.
  • High performance – Utilize the best technology and a certified Cisco powered cloud.
  • Support – Unrivaled 24/7/365 support by VMware certified technicians.

The Technical Information

Crystal Cloud combines both elasticity & flexibility. Solutions can be broken down into three layers.

Virtualization layer
Virtualization is an enabling technology that allows creating an abstraction layer capable of hiding the complexity of underlying hardware or software.
Automation & Control Layer
Automation & Control layer provides a framework that promotes a consistent design and implementation philosophy. This layer builds projects with debugged and tested components (component-based development is carried out at this layer) in a controlled environment.
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