Crystallite Automated Time and Attendance marking system can help schools/higher education and parents in many ways. There is no doubt that an attendance management system will help save time and money by eliminating a great deal of manual processes involved in attendance and leave entry and calculating hours attended. With automatic class attendance system, Parents will get email notifications and SMS alerts, letting them know their child’s exist and enter in to the academy, and child’s absence or insufficient attendance. Teachers can generate a variety of attendance reports to take data-driven decisions and can more accurately and quickly track student’s time on the classroom. Teachers could also track tardiness and truancy and begin to see positive results immediately.

Crystallite attendance alert management is all about managing attendance to a successful outcome – whether that is reducing absenteeism and discipline or tracking down student tardies, and updating parents to track their child’s academic routine activities, and give observation at the time of landing and leaving school premises.

Crystallite’s attendance alert management allows teachers to take class/school attendance from single platform, which can be viewed from any where from web at any time and sent alerts to parents. It is highly secure since Crystallite allows administrators to restrict access through role-based permissions and privileges. Student attendance can update at any single attendance Biometric/RFID device, and system automatically syncs with database . Previously, marking attendance took valuable time with manual paper process.

Top of the line innovation that guarantees complete wellbeing and security of the child.

Computerized updates to Parents of their children at the time of landing and leaving school premise and academic alerts.

No Need to invest your own money. Parents will pay under web services and SMS charges.

Minimize operational costs and maximize firm efficiency

Give unbeatable competition to other schools in your area.

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