Why Crystallite Attendance Alert Management?

Crystallite Attendance Alert Management provides a powerful cloud-based solution for schools and higher education institutions to reduce staff workload and improve efficiencies with automated time and attendance system.

It allows parent to track their child’s activities and provides accurate and consistent tracking process of exist and entry in to the academy premises. It also makes student accountable for their actions because information is stored on the cloud. Students will be more motivated to attend classes on time and improve achievement.

Schools utilizing BioMetric / RFID innovation stay ahead as a part of rivalry and keeping up programmed consistency of understudy participation and making a move against late-comers and non-actively present people, schools can improve scholarly execution of understudies as well as assume a dynamic part in the all encompassing advancement of every understudy.

It works to ensure attendance is maintained by performing a cycle of activities that analyzes student absences, looks for solutions to correct, sets targets for improvement, seeks working interventions, and finally assesses solutions.

How does it work?

• Register students and staff with Biometric or RFID attendance system
• Send automatic notifications and SMS and Email alerts to parents
• Analyze attendance data
• Identify absent & tardy students
• Share attendance records with parents
• Generate daily/weekly/monthly attendance reports for students or staff to set attendance goals
• Engage students and parents
• Try out disciplinary interventions to improve attendance
• Set up reward system to promote positive attendance
• Assess what makes for good attendance

How Safe Crystallite Student Attendance Alert System ?

• Experienced IT experts team
• Experienced and Licensed Bulk sms providers.
• 24/7 support.
• We offer free HCM (Human Capital Management) to school to manage it Faculty/Staff daily attendance, Leave Management, Payroll, no need to hire other company by paying extra amount to them.

Join Crystallite and see how easy, fast and cost effective web hosting can be. Get started now!